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A comprehensive graphical development tool for the rapid creation of wap applications and eBooks
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A comprehensive development tool for the rapid creation of wap applications and eBooks.

apoo editor gives you the ability create wml, xhtml pages and Open eBooks for wireless handheld internet-capable devices and PDAs. It features validation and error checking.

Compared to other similar applications, apoo editor allows detailed manipulation of markup language by hand with color highlighting. See more details and our low prices in data sheet .

The editor provides an encoder for converting textual wml content to binary format for transmission over a wireless network. Conversely, its decoder converts received binary content to text for display on the text editor panel. This feature is provided for calculation of the deck size.

The editor provides clear way to write text in different languages using the universal character set of Unicode 2.0 and supports any proper subset of the Unicode character set (for example, US-ASCII, ISO-8859-1 or UTF-8). Just switch a keyboard to correct language and type a text, no additional conversion to &#; sequences is required.

Download stable evaluation version and try apoo editor .

Download beta new beta version (for beta testers).


Download from http://betanews.com

Download from ftp://listsoft.com

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