How to create an input element

An input element is used to enter user input. This input can either be used to change content in other cards of your deck, send to other decks and it can be stored in a database. When a user enters data into a input and submits it, name and value attributes submits to server. 

In the element tree view window, select paragraph and press element button input to create new input element.
In attributes window assign name and value attributes, then press format ellipsis button. Dialog window appears as shown below. 

Format string consists of mask control characters and static text that is displayed in the input area. The format control characters specify the data format expected to be entered by the user. The format codes are:

A entry of any upper-case, non-numeric character
a lower-case, non-numeric character
N numeric character
X any upper-case character
x any lower-case character
M or any character
*f any number of characters where f is one of the above format codes
nf n number of characters where n is from 1 to 9 and f is one of the above format codes
\c display the character c in the entry field. I is considered part of the input's value.

Choose one of format strings from list of samples and press Replace button. In left-side list you can navigate through format string samples sets. If appropriate format string does not not found, type format string in Format for user input combo box or add selected from list of format characters by pressing Add button.

Press Ok button.

Wireless devices is restricted to a very small keyboard therefore usage numeric type of input fields in your user interface would  be helpful for the user.