The p element establishes both the line wrap and alignment parameters for a paragraph. If the text alignment is not specified, it defaults to left. If the line-wrap mode is not specified, it is identical to the line-wrap mode of the previous paragraph in the current card. Empty paragraphs (ie, an empty element or an element with only insignificant white space) will be considered as insignificant and ignored by browsers. If the first p element in a card does not specify a line-wrap or alignment mode, that mode defaults to the initial mode for the card.
The browser will insert a line break into the text flow between significant paragraphs.


Specifies the line-wrap mode for the paragraph. 'wrap' specifies breaking text mode and 'nowrap' specifies non-breaking text mode.
Specifies the text alignment mode for the paragraph. Can be 'left', 'center', or 'right'.
Provides an element with a unique name within a single deck.
Affiliates an element with one or more classes.
Specifies the natural or formal language in which the document is written.